Canon Pixma MP150 scanner and printer driver

Canon Pixma MP150 is a very reliable all-in-one printer for copying. This printer can produce good quality prints, especially photos, at speeds that are not as fast. In some cases where you need a scanner or copier, the Canon Pixma MP150 can do that too. Price is an important indicator for customers when they want to buy a printer. Canon Pixma MP150 is designed for home or light office use. Reasonably priced, this printer is perfect for multiple groups. Although the Canon Pixma MP150 does not support faxing or the automatic document feeder (ADF), it means that you cannot scan or copy anything larger than a letter-size original. But this printer is pretty good on the other side. On the other hand, the limited functionality also helps make the MP150 small enough at 7.2 x 17.5 x 15 inches (HWD) to fit comfortably on a table. However, the printer still has room for a PictBridge connector, so you can print directly from a PictBridge-compatible camera. For a typical AIO inkjet setup. Just plug in the power cord, install the black and tri-color ink cartridges, load paper, run the automatic setup program, and plug in the USB cable when prompted. Unfortunately, there are a number of obstacles to be aware of. To begin with, it is difficult to know where an ink cartridge went. I found out through trial and error that if you put one of the cartridges in the wrong position, you can’t put it in. But until you’ve inserted a cartridge at least once, you won’t know how to tell when it was inserted correctly. It turns out that the cartridge slots are labeled B for black and C for color on the printer to mark their respective positions. I never really paid attention to the label because it’s easy to miss. A bigger problem is that you have to align the printhead by printing an alignment page and then choose the correct settings to feed the controller, something that almost no inkjet forces you to do again. Worse yet, you must align the heads every time you change cartridges. It can be especially annoying if one cartridge runs out of pages after replacing and aligning another, as it did in my tests. In many ways, the Canon Pixma MP150 is very similar to the Dell Photo All-In-One 924, which is a bit cheaper, a bit faster, and offers similar output quality. But the Dell outlet is not waterproof from a distance. If you are concerned about the photos you print, this feature makes the Canon Pixma MP150 print a bit slower, which is worth the wait.

Canon Pixma MP150 driver

Canon Pixma MP150 driver

How to download and install Canon Pixma MP150 driver
Download Canon Pixma MP150 drivers and software from its series directly in the download section. It is important to follow any steps of the installation process to make sure that the drivers and software are successfully installed.

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Download Canon Pixma MP150 driver

These files of the Canon Pixma MP150 driver series both for Windows and Mac can be downloaded for free.

Download Canon Pixma MP150 series drivers and software for Windows
Download Canon Pixma MP150 series drivers and software for Mac

How to install Canon MP150 driver for Windows

  • Click the Download button for Windows to download the file.
  • Double-click at the .exe file that is been downloaded.
  • Follow the instructions to install the drivers.

How to install Canon Pixma MP150 Driver for Mac

  • Click the Download button to download the file.
  • Double-click at the downloaded file.
  • Double-click at the Disk Image.
  • Double-click at the “Setup” file then follows the instructions on the screen, this driver installation will connect automatically to your Canon Pixma MP150 driver printer.