Canon Pixma MX420 Printer Driver

Canon Pixma MX420 is a multifunctional printer that can be used for various printing purposes. By using this printer, printer users can easily print, copy, scan, and even fax. The four functions have different specifications and also different qualities. As the main purpose of a printer, the Canon Pixma MX420 was created for printing. Therefore, this printer is supported by various components that make the printing quality even better. Besides that, the printing speed has also been increased from the previous series. In terms of printing speed, the Canon Pixma MX420 can produce a borderless document print in only about 42 seconds per sheet. This allows printer users to do many things using the printer in a relatively short time. The Canon Pixma MX420 also has a very good printing resolution that has implications for the cleanliness and sharpness of the resulting photos. With a printing resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, the Canon Pixma MX420 will produce high-quality color printing. As for black printing, the Canon Pixma MX420 has a resolution of around 600 x 600 dpi. In addition, Canon has also embedded an Automatic Sheet Feeder on this printer with a page capacity of up to 100 sheets. This makes the Canon Pixma MX420 even more powerful. Other features are also available on this printer such as Auto Photo Fix II which makes photo printing easier and also quality, Borderless Printing which allows printer users to maximize paper size, and also Prints Templates that make this printer can be used quickly without having to do various things related to templates. On the other hand, as a printer that functions as a copier machine, the Canon Pixma MX420 also has various features that are also very useful for printer users. Meanwhile, for scanning, the Canon Pixma MX420 has used a Contact Image Sensor (CIS) as a scanning element with a maximum resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi. Features for scanning are also available and so is faxing. However, to be able to use all these features, a Canon Pixma MX420 printer driver and software is required to be installed on the device that will be connected to the printer. Drivers and software for this printer can be downloaded in this article and if you have trouble installing the drivers and software, follow the instructions for installing the receiver and software at the bottom of this article.

Canon Pixma MX420 driver

Canon Pixma MX420 driver

How to download and install Canon Pixma MX420 driver
Download Canon Pixma MX420 drivers and software from its series directly in the download section. It is important to follow any steps of the installation process to make sure that the drivers and software are successfully installed.

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Download Canon Pixma MX420 driver

These files of the Canon Pixma MX420 driver series both for Windows and Mac can be downloaded for free.

Download Canon Pixma MX420 series drivers and software for Windows
Download Canon Pixma MX420 series drivers and software for Mac

How to install Canon MX420 driver for Windows

  • Click the Download button for Windows to download the file.
  • Double-click at the .exe file that is been downloaded.
  • Follow the instructions to install the drivers.

How to install Canon Pixma MX420 Driver for Mac

  • Click the Download button to download the file.
  • Double-click at the downloaded file.
  • Double-click at the Disk Image.
  • Double-click at the “Setup” file then follows the instructions on the screen, this driver installation will connect automatically to your Canon Pixma MX420 driver printer.